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Laxmi Agarwal

Laxmi Agarwal was born on 01-06-1990 in the province of New Delhi, India. She is an Indian Television Presenter, Writer, Author, Activist, Poet, Journalist and Spokesperson. she, a survivor of acid attack isn’t just battling for her fantasies yet in addition rousing others to do as such. Corrosive assault very like the demonstration of homicide goes after the spirit of the person in question. Laxmi Agarwal stops corrosive assault campaigner and TV have from the new Delhi. She is a director of the Channav foundation.

Channav foundation.

Chhanv Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization in India working for the restoration of corrosive assault survivors. Chhanv Foundation raised the unheard voices of corrosive assault survivors through its mission Stop Acid Attacks in 2013.

Laxmi Agarwal Bio & Career

Laxmi Agarwal is an eminent Indian campaigner with Stop Acid Attack. Moreover, she is likewise a popular TV have. She was in her teenagers when she got gone after by a 32-year-elderly person called ‘Gudda’ alongside his companion Naeem Khan. She was only 15 then and after various medical procedures, she figured out how to make due.

Post that occurrence, she chose to shout out and began battling and furthermore raised her voice for the corrosive assault casualties. She used to fill in as a facilitator during the underlying time frame. She seriously worked and assembled more than 27,000 marks to document a request to check the offer of corrosive. She additionally took the make a difference to Indian Supreme Court for equity.

Her endeavors took care of after the Supreme Court gave decision for the guideline of corrosive deals by both focal and state legislatures.

personal life

In an interview,Laxmi expressed that her dad was her most prominent mainstay of solidarity. Her dad and her sibling died because of a drawn out sickness. She met her adoration, Alok Dixit during a mission.

The couple chose to move in together without getting hitched, testing every one of the restrictions of the Indian culture. They together have a girl, Pihu. Notwithstanding, the couple split not long after the introduction of their girl.

laxmi Aggarwal family

Her rousing story was a subject in corrosive assault casualty series coordinated by HT (Hindustan Times). She is right now filling in as a head of a NGO named ‘Chhanv Foundation’ which attempts to help corrosive assaults survivors in India.

She personally has turned into the voice of different corrosive assault casualties. She likewise facilitated the renowned TV show called ‘Udaan’ which broadcasted on New Express in the year 2014. On different stages, she has been inspiring the corrosive assault casualties and giving talks to help corrosive assault survivors to begin their life once more

. For her respectable work, she has been congratulated with many honors including the ‘2014 International Women of Courage grant’. She got it from the hands of then US First Lady Michelle Obama. She was additionally named as ‘NDTV Indian of the Year’. A film in light of her biography named Chhapaak is booked to deliver in January 2020. Veteran entertainer Deepika Padukone plays depicted her part in that film.

The Acid Assault

She was just a 15-year-old girl, in 7th grade, when she became the victim of a brutal act of revenge. Her attacker, Naeem Khan (32 years of age), likewise called Guddu, tossed corrosive on her in 2005 after she denied his proposition. At some point, when she was going through Khan Market, Delhi, Guddu and his sibling’s better half Rakhi, went after her and left her oblivious in the city.

Confronting a Traumatizing Reality

Laxmi reviews that she was damaged to the point that she didn’t see her face in that frame of mind for 100 days. She even considered ending it all, yet she ruled against it in light of the distress she would bring her folks. The genuine help of her folks never left her while she went through 7 medical procedures throughout 7 years. The medical procedures cost around 20 lakhs, with the monetary assistance of her dad’s workers at that point.

Notwithstanding the different actual distortions, her emotional well-being likewise endured as she confronted insults and disdain from society. Certain individuals additionally went to the extent that scrutinizing her childhood and faulting her for the assault, she reviews.


Hunger strike and campaign against acid violence

Laxmi Agarwal alongside other corrosive assault survivors began a craving strike requesting prompt equity and restoration for corrosive assault survivors. She had likewise composed a sonnet, in which she depicting what is going on during the episode.

She was accomplished ‘Worldwide Women of Courage Award’, she was commended by then U.S first woman Michelle Obama and others for her mission against corrosive brutality.


  • Laxmi generally needed to turn out to be either a vocalist or an artist since her experience growing up. She additionally told that she planned to go to her very first singing class, the day she was gone after by ‘Guddu.
  • She likewise uncovered that she was exceptionally frightened when her girl was conceived. She figured her little girl would get terrified on seeing her
  • In 2018Deepika Padukone was signed to play the role of Laxmi in her biopic and also turned producer with the film in collaboration with the director, Meghna Gulzar


She won multiple awards in her life in India for her work to curb the sale of acid and to rehabilitate the survivors of acid attacks through her foundation. In 2014 Laxmi won the International Women of Courage and NDTV Indian of the year.

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