Namita Thapar – Read her biography ,carrier and also her new worth

Namita Thapar

Namita Thapar

Ms. Namita Thapar joined Emcure as Chief Financial Officer, following 6 years at Guidant Corporation, USA, her role expanded to manage Emcure’s largest business unit, India.

Ms. Thapar is passionate about improving women’s health in India and promoting youth entrepreneurship. During the Covid pandemic, she started a special YouTube women’s health show called Uncondition Yourself with Namita which aims to provide positive information and break the stigma and stereotypes related to women’s health. SHe runs Incredible Ventures Ltd, an educational company that teaches 11-18 year olds how to do business.

Namita life

Namita Thapar was born on March 21, 1977 in Pune, Maharashtra. He graduated from a school in Pune and later graduated from ICAI with a Chartered Accountancy degree. He attended Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business to earn an MBA.

After that program, he spent six years at Guidant Corporation, in finance and marketing. Her business education played an important role in encouraging her to pursue her true dream of becoming a businesswoman one day.

Namita’s father, Satish Mehta, is the founder of Emcure Pharmaceuticals. It has raised money from private equity firm Blackstone.

His move towards Emcure

Then Namita married Vikas Thapar and lived a fulfilling life in the United States. He decided to return home and start living his dream. In 2007, he joined Emcure as a financial advisor and began managing a number of functions such as finance, advertising and real estate marketing, and human resources. Today, it oversees a pan-India operation of more than 3,000 health agents with a turnover of over Rs 1,000 cr. Price.

About Emcure Pharmaceuticals

Emcure Pharmaceuticals is an Indian pharmaceutical company based in Pune with a turnover of 6000 crores (750 million dollars). It is present in 70 countries and has more than 10,000 employees. It was founded on the mission and core belief of creating effective medicine to treat patients, helping them lead healthier lives. It is a technology-driven biopharmaceutical player with a diverse portfolio that includes tablets, capsules, injectables, and more. It has offices in India and the United States. It is ranked as the 12th pharmaceutical company in India. He is also responsible for the development of India’s first mRNA vaccine against Covid-19.

Namita Thapar Carrier

Namita Thapar
  • Namita is the CFO of Emcure.
  • SHe worked at Guidant Corporation for six years in the United States. She created a women’s health talk show on YouTube called Unconditional Yourself with Namita.
  • He is the Managing Director at Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Shar Tank India Season 1 started on Sony Entertainment in 2021, and it has appeared there.
  • It is a reality show based on starting a business, and it is inspired by the American show Shark Tank.

Namita Thapar facts

  • Namita Thapar was born and brought up in the city of Pune, Maharashtra.
  • In India, she wants to improve women’s health. Namita was named in the Economic Times Women Ahead 2017 list.
  • The World Women Leadership Congress called her a Super Achiever. He is an active investor.
  • His parents helped him achieve his dream. They gave him a better school.
  • She enjoys reading and traveling in her spare time. He is a big fan of Bollywood movies.
  • Naina Lal Kidwai and Indra Nooyi are her role models. He is also a public speaker as he conducts many forums and popular platforms.
  • He was the top of his class back in school.

Lists of startup company funded By Namita Thapar

Namita Thapar, one of the seven sharks of Shark Tank India is one of the most famous and famous business women in India. He is currently the Managing Director of Emcure Pharmaceuticals Limited. Namita Thapar was born in Pune on March 21, 1977. She is a Chartered Accountant and an MBA graduate from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business. Thapar is a board member, speaker and CEO of various renowned companies. He also runs a company named Incredible Ventures Pvt Ltd. to teach and create business experience for future entrepreneurs.

In addition to teaching, Namita Thapar supports budding entrepreneurs by investing in their startups. He claims to have invested 10 crores in 25 startups in Shark Tank India Season 1. This article provides a complete overview of all the investments Namita Thapar has made so far.

Achievements by Namita Thapar

Before joining Emcure Pharmaceuticals, Namita Thapar worked at Guidant Corporation, USA for 6 years. She joined Emcure Pharmaceuticals as CFO (Chief Financial Officer) but shortly after that, her role expanded to manage the India business which is the largest business unit. the majority of Emcure and became the CEO of the company. Mrs. Thapar is the recipient of various prestigious industry awards such as The Economic Times ’40 under Forty awards, Barclays Hurun Next Gen Leader recognition, Economic Times Women Ahead 2017 list, World Women Leadership Super Achiever award Congress.

Because of her passion for improving the mental health of women in India, she started a YouTube talk show titled “Namita Thapar You Are Unconditional” during the pandemic. This show talks about women’s health and aims to provide the right information and break the stigma and stigma associated with it.

It has more than 4.5 million views and features from top doctors and Bollywood celebrities like Vidya Balan. Ms. Namita also started the Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA), named after YEA America in Delhi and Mumbai which aims to transform students aged 11-18 into confident entrepreneurs. He is also the founder of Incredible Ventures Pvt. Ltd, which is responsible for introducing the YEA brand in India.

SHe lives a busy life and is more active than his job in the company. Mrs. Thapar is a member of the Board of the Indian Regional Advisory Council of Fuqua School of Business, a trustee of the Board of TiE Mumbai and an active member of the Youth Organization. She is a part of various government initiatives like “Women Entrepreneurship Platform” and “Digital Health Task Force” of NITI Aayog and “Champions of Change” program launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for G2B collaboration and policy making. She is also a speaker at various prestigious conferences like Harvard Business School, Indian Institute of Management (IIM-A), ET Women’s Conference, FICCI, etc.

Currently, Ms. Namita is also a judge on the Indian version of the world famous show “Shark Tank”, which gives her an opportunity to invest in startups coming to India.

Controversy by Namita Thapar

Namita Thapar has kept a clean profile. In fact, she has received many prestigious awards including the Economic Times’ 40 under 40 Barclays Hurun Next Gen Leader Award and the Super Achiever Award from the World Women Leadership Congress. SHe is an active judge of Shark Tank India and is known for his clear statements and selective investment decisions.

Namita Thapar Net worth

While in the United States of America, Namita Thapar held various marketing and finance positions for GlaxoSmithKline and Guidant Corporation. Thapar worked at Guidant Corporation for six years. However, the move to India came at a very early stage in his career. Originally, Thapar was from Pune, which is also the hometown of Emcure Pharmaceuticals.

Emcure Pharmaceuticals was founded by her father, Satish Mehta, who is now the company’s chief executive officer (CEO) and managing director (MD). Namita Thapar, who is also a member of the board of directors, serves as the chief executive officer for Emcure Pharmaceuticals’ India operations. Today, with her business income and investments, Namita Thapar has a staggering net worth of almost Rs 600 crore.

Namita Thapar Marrier With Vikash Thapar

Namita Thapar is married to Vikas Thapar, who is the head of Corporate Development, Strategy and Finance at Emcure Pharmaceuticals. Before joining the company 15 years ago, Vikas also worked in the US for Ebay and PayPal. 

Thapar is passionate about improving women’s health in India and promoting youth entrepreneurship. During this pandemic, she started a special YouTube women’s health show called Uncondition Yourself with Namita which aims to provide positive information and break the stigma and stigma related to women’s health. Alongside his work at Emcure, Thapar also runs Incredible Ventures Ltd, an educational company that teaches 11-18 year olds entrepreneurship.

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