Seema Roy First Indian Woman Commando Trainer

Seema Roy

Seema Roy

Seema Rao, also known as India’s Wonder Woman, was India’s first female law enforcement officer, training India’s special forces for 18 years without pay. She is a pioneer in close combat (CQB) – the art of close combat – and is involved in the training of various Indian soldiers. His work was done in collaboration with Major Deepak Rao, who received the honor of the President’s rank from the President of India for pioneering combat training for the Indian Army.

Seema Rao is an inspiration among Indian youth, especially girls. While we have adopted western culture and behavior now, we should pay more attention to foreign policies. You could say that every adult in Israel should receive mandatory military training. India can also think about it. As always, Indians today are becoming citizens of the world like the United States.

A combination of Cerebrum, Magnificence and Sturdiness!

She concentrated on Immunology from Harvard Clinical School and Initiative from Westminster Business college. She has followed through with a tasks on Global Common freedoms for Ladies from Stanford. A 6 times TEDX speaker, distributed Writer of 10 books and a Marvel exhibition finalist.
She stands side by side with men of war and gains favor with them. She can run 40 km long distance races, shoot an apple off your head with an AK-47, split 5 focuses in 2 seconds with a Glock gun, stop a mind boggling hazardous gadget and kill outfitted attackers in a flash. She is India’s sole lady commando coach.
Unmatched record of 3 Armed force Boss References for single regular citizen. Remembered for Ruth Davidson’s book Yes She Can, Head of Scottish Preservationists as one of 14 most powerful ladies on the planet close by Teresa May and Melinda Doors. Highlighted as Lady of substance by Femina, Insightful, Vogue, Forbes, Verve, New lady, Society, Grazia and US mag V.

She is also a writer. He has co-authored many books. 

From the world’s first Encyclopedia of Close Combat Ops Training created exclusively for the Indian Army, India’s first book on Global Terrorism – A Comprehensive Analysis of Global Terrorism to the Commando Manual of Unarmed Combat, all his books are available from FBI, INTERPOL. , UN Police and SWAT Academy around the world.

Apart from all the honors and awards, he also received: World Peace Congress World Peace Prize, Malaysian Award given by the Malaysian Prime Minister for contribution to the community in 2008, Volunteer Award of the US President, three awards from Chief of Army, Minister of Home. Affairs of India Letter of Congratulations in 2009 enshrining selfless national service in the field of close combat training, and 1000 congratulations from the government of India.


Seema spent the first 25 years of her life as a guest instructor training 20,000 soldiers of the Indian army, army and police without pay as a selfless service to the nation.
It has trained Commandos from all prominent forces including Special Forces, NSG-Black Cats, IAF GARUDS, Indian Navy MARCOS, BSF, Commando Wing, ITBP Commando School, Army Para-troopers and Ghatak Division. Seema and her husband invented the Rao shooting technique used by many Indian soldiers. Army chiefs General Dipak Kapoor and General VK Singh led the couple to present their latest CQB training at the Army Combat Academy in the Northern and Eastern Commands.

Seema Roy

Seema received 3 army chiefs awards which is an unprecedented record for a civilian till date. The President of India awarded her husband the honorary commission of the Parachute Regt TA, for the services rendered by the Rao couple. Dr. Seema received the Nari Shakti Award from the President of India for being the first and only female commando trainee in India. In 2020, at the age of 50, Dr Seema has completed 25 years of selfless service and decided to retire from the field training of the Indian Army.


She has trained Police of 12 States/Urban communities. Her philosophy got the interest of the Indian Home Service who requested a pilot course at ITBP Commando Institute to investigate Raos techniques. The experts found the preparation incredibly beneficial.Thereafter the Home Priest of India put on record her magnanimous support of the Country for almost 2
many years. The Home Secretary of India, Shri GK Pillai made her a supported asset to prepare State Police Against Dread Crew and Fast Reaction Groups to assist with battling fear. Following Taj Dread strikes, Rao’s were instrumental in preparing many key State Police ATS-QRT commando groups all over India. They were additionally called to give Metropolitan counter dread preparation at Public Police Institute.

Seema and her better half have likewise fostered a novel and current strategy for CQB solely for the utilization of Indian powers. The High level Commando Battle Framework, or Buffalo Framework as it is called, is unique in relation to the customary CQB.

In this framework, the reflex shooting technique is remarkable and the unarmed strategies can rapidly impair or handicap the adversary with the least exertion. The group strategies in Buffalo Framework contrast from regular western CQBs and are extraordinary as well.

The Raos have likewise fostered a native technique for reflex shooting, which is known as the Rao Arrangement of Reflex Fire. Expresses Seema in her meeting to Naaree:

“The regular techniques for shooting for the most part goes through many seconds to point exactly and afterward shoot. This is useful in lengthy reach battle when the foe is say 300 yards away, covered by a stone. Yet, when the adversary is only 20 yards away and before you, fast shooting without utilizing an excess of time for exact point is required. To take care of this need in current fighting, we contrived the Rao Arrangement of Reflex Fire. The Indian powers have viewed this as extremely advantageous.”

The two or three has additionally settled the Unarmed Commando Battle Foundation (UCCA), a tip top military hand to hand fighting institute, to assist with preparing the Indian powers and furthermore to distribute preparing books for the Powers. The Foundation likewise offers preparing in Jeet Kune Do and various other extraordinary hand to hand fighting to regular folks. There is additionally an Unarmed Battle Blackbelt program for regular folks. Says Seema:

“With UCCA, we have distributed seven books till date and three of these are restricted versions for the elite utilization of the Indian powers. Our book Reference book of Close Battle Operations is the world’s most memorable reference book on CQB preparing and it has tracked down a pleased spot in the FBI library and the INTERPOL library.

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