Seema Roy First Indian Woman Commando Trainer

Seema Roy

Seema Roy Seema Rao, also known as India’s Wonder Woman, was India’s first female law enforcement officer, training India’s special forces for 18 years without pay. She is a pioneer in close combat (CQB) – the art of close combat – and is involved in the training of various Indian soldiers. His work was done in collaboration with Major Deepak Rao, who received the honor of the President’s rank from the President of India for pioneering combat training for the Indian Army. Seema Rao is an inspiration among Indian youth, especially girls. While we have adopted western culture and behavior now, we should pay more attention to foreign policies. You could say that every adult in Israel should receive mandatory military training. India can also think about it. As always, Indians today are becoming citizens of the world like the United States. A combination of Cerebrum, Magnificence and Sturdiness! She…

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