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Dr Tessy Thomas

Missile Woman Dr Tessy Thomas 

In Popular Bio, Dr Tessy Thomas   is one of the most successful air engineers. She is in the list of famous people born on April 1, 1963. She is one of the richest aeronautical engineers born in India. She is also on the list of most popular aeronautical engineers. Tessy Thomas is one of the 56-year-old celebrities in our database.


Tessy Thomas studied at St. Michael’s Higher Secondary School in St. Joseph’s Girls’ Higher School in Alleppey (Alappzuha).
She has a natural aptitude for mathematics and physics. She scored 100 percent in mathematics in his 11th and 12th classes. During the same years, She also scored more than 95 percent in science. He took a student loan from the State Bank of India of Rs. 100 per month to study engineering at Government Engineering College, Thrissur.
She also holds an M.Tech in Guided Missiles from the Institute of Armament Technology, Pune (now known as the Defense Institute of Advanced Technology). She also holds an MBA in project management and a Ph.D. and guided missiles under DRDO MISSILE

Her work

Her career spanned over three decades and took him from a scientist at the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) to the director of the Physical Research Laboratory until 2012 when She was appointed as an advisor to the Minister. Defense pursuit of weapons programs.

After spending two years at ISRO, Thomas joined the Defense Research Development Organization (DRDO) – India’s equivalent of NASA – in 1986. There, he discussed the Agni Missile project which could carry a nuclear warhead. While at DRDO, he helped design several weapons and launchers for the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force. Of course, Thomas didn’t just invent rockets. She also completed research on GPS technology. She was one of the first engineers in India to develop the technology of Frequency Identification (RFID) tags which have been used around the world as identification tags for millions of products.

And because her specialty is electronics, She expanded his portfolio to communication technologies such as infrared communication devices used by airplanes and satellites. Not only did Thomas create new technology, but he was also an effective manager. In his first job at ISRO he assembled and managed a team of 150 engineers and during his tenure at DRDO he managed a team of thousands.

Her role as the head of the Indian Army

Her role as the head of the Indian Army
Named after Mother Teresa, Tessy Thomas had an interest in firearms from an early age. After her M.Tech, Dr. A.P.J. elected him. Abdul Kalam for the 3000 km Agni-III missile mission. After working with the Agni team for some time, he had devised an advanced guidance system for the weapon. 

This is a first-of-its-kind movement in India, which really stands out from the modern sailing technology, which is very advanced for shooting. He invented another revolutionary technology, called the Re-entry Vehicle System or RVS. This technology allows the weapon to enter the air at the speed of light and a temperature of three thousand degrees Celsius. In 2006, Tessy Thomas and her team made the weapon safe. Still, after 10 months, She and her team managed to launch the weapon, which was very difficult for Agni’s team.

Something exciting

Tessy is one of the revolutionaries of a male-dominated society like ours. Even today, when single women are struggling to find a foothold in the field of male tyranny, Tessy Thomas has made history for gaining such recognition and respect in the research industry. science. We have a lot of hidden talents and skills in our country, it’s sick to admit that more than 50% are going forward because women are not allowed to express their opinions. This may be one of the main reasons why India is considered as a developing country. I would love to meet women like Tessy Thomas in person and thank her for this movement.


She not only cares about her work, but has made many women hope to do something for their country. When women progress, the nation will progress as a whole. It really is time for women to stop feeling weak about themselves. If you look at Tessy Thomas’s life style, it seems like every married woman. However, what we need to learn is how he balances his work and personal life. His outstanding expertise and commitment will help India become more self-sufficient in missile technology.

The missile was launched in 2006, but failed due to various technical issues. It was only through continuous effort and self-motivation that Tessy was able to manage her recovery 10 months after the fall. This shows his determination and commitment to his work. She is a role model for every woman, with a little scientist hidden in her. The work can be anything in any subject. You don’t have to be a scientist to prove yourself. Every woman has hidden thoughts inside her.

There are brave women in the kitchen area itself who today are famous chefs. The purpose behind this article is to help you find that discovery within you. When we think, we are the owners of it and therefore, we should be the decision makers to work on it. No man or stranger has the right to decide your success or failure. Also, if you have a supportive family, partner, or children, you are blessed! I have seen many women who train themselves. If Tessy can develop weapons, humor-wise, I am sure that every woman is a beautiful bomb that wants to explode in her own way. Let it explode and make the sky shine with bright colors. I wish Tessy and all the ladies the best of luck.

Achievements, Awards and Credentials

In 2015, India’s defense research agency, the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), appointed its project manager for the Agni-IV missile.

India’s first lady is the leading nuclear scientist, and her appointment comes at a time when the country fears China’s growing influence. In an interview, She said, “China is a good neighbor but it has been ruling us for decades now. They showed their strength in 1962 and in 2008.’ She sees history repeating itself in 2017: “It is happening again now in Doklam…India should consider taking some of these issues seriously,” he said. say. Dr. Tessy Thomas received the Padma Shri for her contribution to women empowerment at an event in Delhi on December 4, 2017.

She is also the recipient of 2017 ISRO Team Award, NASA Group Achievement Award 2010-2011, National Technology Awards 2007-2008, and in 1993 she received the Youth Women Achievers Award from the Junior Chamber International (Jaycees) for her excellence. intervention in India. His leadership qualities

One of the most famous leaders in the world, Dr. Tessy Thomas is a renowned authority on weapons technology and women’s empowerment. After working in mining for more than 30 years, she became one of the few women to receive a doctorate in engineering from MIT. Its effect

Dr. Tessy Thomas has contributed significantly to India’s missile development life for more than three decades by conducting research and development at the HQ Integrated Test Range (HQITR) in Chandipur, Orissa which is responsible for fighter jets. ballistic missile testing and related matters.

In 1985, Tessy Thomas became a full-time employee of the DRDO and later became the head of the Missile Division at that time. In 1988, She took over as the technical director of HQITR and built a strong team to develop and manufacture ballistic missiles for the Indian Army. In 1996, Tessy Thomas became the director of the Ballistic Missile Test Program at DRDO, which is responsible for managing the country’s ballistic missile program.

An important lesson we can learn from the life of Dr. Tessy Thomas is:

Courage: She is not afraid to stand up and speak his mind in the face of serious conflict, She took risks to uphold his actions, morals and principles, even if it means that he will be ridiculed. Conclusion: She decided to do something about one of the biggest events happening in India at that time, although many people did not know about it.

Recommendation: She learned from her mistakes as She tried different approaches to work where it didn’t work. Failure can be just as useful as success for learning new things. When testing new ideas or new services with different variables, improvements can happen without really knowing why. Patriotism and Loyalty: She is strong and loyal to her country, despite being a woman. Her passion for  country and her fellow citizens gave him the strength to overcome all obstacles. Knowledge: He never stopped finding solutions once she knew what would work and what wouldn’t. Years of research led to many failures before She found success. She put this knowledge She had gained over the years into problem solving experience that saved many lives.

Focus: She focuses on finding solutions to problems rather than trying to solve all problems at once, which means that he can put his efforts for years until She finds a solution that works.

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