Sneha Deepthi – One of the Best Indian Women Cricketer


Biography Of Sneha Deepthi

Sneha Deepthi is an Indian professional cricketer who has represented her country in the shorter form of the game (ODI and T20I), as the top batsman. By August 2022, She had played his only ODI and 2 T20Is – both in April 2013 and both against Bangladesh. In the Indian national circuit, She has played for his Andhra state (2008-09–2015-16; 2021-22 – Present) in all three formats.

She caused a stir in July 2022 when he posted a video on Instagram which revealed that he had returned to the domestic circuit after taking a break from cricket due to his desire to focus on his personal life/marriage and spend more time with him. . a newborn child. She said she will leave no stone unturned in her quest to regain a place in India’s senior women’s national cricket team.

Career of Sneha Deepthi

Sneha Deepthi is a cricketer born in Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh who plays for the Indian national team. He works primarily as a right-handed batsman and a right-handed off-spinner. Deepthi was not interested in cricket in her childhood and at the age of 8 she got interested in the game while playing cricket with her father and brother.

Gradually, he became interested and started training at the academy in 2003. Sneha Deepthi was in 4th standard when she joined a summer camp and gave up dancing to play cricket again. It was through her father Ramakrishna that she got her first training till 2007 and in 2008, Sneha Deepthi and her sister Ramya Deepika were accepted into the Andhra Cricket Association (ACA).

It took Deepthi less than a year to make an impact on the staff at ACA Coaching. Her explosive and dangerous batting style got him into the Andhra Pradesh U-19 team in 2009 and in 2013 a strong Sneha Deepthi helped him make his debut for the Indian national team against Bangladesh at home.

But till now he played only 2 WT20I matches for India due to his non-contract and in 2019 he got married and gave birth to his only child. He returned to playing domestic cricket in September 2021. In a recent interview, Sneha Deepthi talked about her struggle to get fit when her daughter (Kriva Philip) was born at 95kg. She admits that her energy and stamina have waned but Sneha believes that her husband helped her get back into cricket.


Parental control required

BCCI does not have parentage policy. Sneha feels that having a government policy will make things easier for the players. “When we focus on cricket, we leave personal life. Like all cricketers, I wanted to get married, but my father convinced me. Not everyone’s family will support him. If they are supported by the team or BCCI, they will also push themselves.

They will take a year or two off and come back. Age should not be a factor. Even today, 30 years, it is normal. Men don’t miss their professional lives and children, so why not women. That’s what you call feminism – giving equal rights and opportunities to play cricket.

He was only 25 years old and wanted to do more than play national cricket. Although he may not be a planner for the future, somewhere in his heart the flame to represent India again still burns. “Until now, no one has threatened India after giving birth, I want to be the first woman to do that. This is how things will change in India.

As a mother, if you play, to see me, many girls will make it their job. If I do that (backwards), I can motivate them to get into this game. I really want to go back to India. That’s why I made all the sacrifices.

“My son sacrificed a lot. I wasn’t there when he did some things for the first time. So all this emotional sacrifice will only make sense if I give it everything I have. Playing India is a fruit. I don’t expect any fruits, but I must try my best to get results one day. Then, my daughter will be proud of my sacrifice. For my daughter and many women, I want to go back.

I have to be a living example to my daughter. Whether I play for India or not, if I come back for the country, the feeling will be worse. I will run my best.

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