Anjum Chopra – One of the Best Indian former cricketer’s Carrer

Anjum Chopra

Biography of Anjum Chopra

Anjum Chopra (born 20 May 1977) is an Indian former cricketer and current cricket commentator. The first time She entered the cricket ground was when he was 9 years old. She played her first friendly match with a girls’ college team at the inter-collegiate level, scoring 20 runs and taking 2 wickets.

Anjum Chopra is known as the torchbearer of the Indian women’s cricket team, Anjum Chopra is an invaluable contributor to the world of cricket. Anjum loved cricket in her childhood and played in the varsity team. This led to acceptance into the Delhi U-15 squad. She was India’s first female batsman and got the chance to play against the Zealand women’s cricket team at the age of 17 in 1995.

Anjum’s Carrer

Anjum Chopra is a Test and One Day International cricketer who has represented the Indian women’s cricket team. He currently works as a cricket commentator. He made his One Day International debut in 1995 against New Zealand in Christchurch. In the first ODI, he opened the ball for India, conceding 14 runs in his 4 overs. Coming in at No. 10 for India, he had the 11-run partnership that was essential to India’s victory.

She made his debut in November 1995 against England in Calcutta. He was sent as a night watchman against an England side in the fading light of Calcutta in their first Test match for India. True to his coach’s faith in him, he fought hard until the next morning until lunch, giving his team 27 points. He was named vice-captain of the Indian team during the 2000 Cricinfo World Cup in New Zealand.

A two-time winner of the tournament and India’s top run-scorer, Anjum led the batting ranks in the World Cup until the Indian team was defeated in the semi-finals by Nova Scotia Zeeland. Anjum was appointed captain of the Indian team in 2002. In his first spell as captain, he led India with 7 debutants to a record win over the visiting England team.

The Indian team’s first tour of South Africa saw them record their first ever overseas win, with Anjum Chopra hitting 80 runs. South Africans won by 22 runs in Paarl. In the 2005 World Cup in South Africa, India reached the World Cup for the first time.

She is India’s leading batsman and England’s leading batsman. In the 2009 World Cup in Australia, in a must-watch match for India, Anjum scored a match-winning 76 and won the player of the match award. India finished third in the World Cup behind England and New Zealand. Anjum played in 6 World Cups for India including 4 50th World Cups and 2 T20 World Cups.

She is the first player to play 100 ODIs for India. One of the strongest defensive players in the team and with one sure hand, he caught India’s most lethal. A right-arm pace bowler, Anjum worked as an all-rounder, opening the ball in his first ODI and batting up to No.10. Anjum Chopra is a leader by example.

She never hesitates to take responsibility and has a knack for getting the best out of his children. Anjum has hit almost every position in his team, including opener when required. He has won battles against the best bowling attacks in the world and is known for keeping the crease and bat for long hours. For example, in the 2000 World Cup in New Zealand against Ireland, India scored 3 wickets and 1 point on the board. He shot a patient 70-point shot and won the game.

Anjum is known to bat well under pressure and hit a lot of shots to be perfect to win. A fast pacer between the wickets, his ability to convert that into two runs has been a highlight of Anjum’s batting style. After attending Delhi Public School RK Puram and St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi, Anjum completed her Masters in Business Administration from the FORE School of Management with a double major in Marketing and Human Resources.

In the corporate world, Anjum is a motivational speaker/business consultant. MBA Anjum has conducted training programs for globally renowned brands such as General Electric, Standard Chartered, Goldman Sachs, Vodafone and various schools and colleges.

International Carrer


Anjum’s international career began at the age of seventeen. She made his debut against New Zealand in 1995. In 1999, he made a century in India’s tour of England. Anjum quickly became one of India’s top female hitters. It’s also a terrible music. It quickly made it a large defense. Therefore, it is not surprising that he quickly became the first Indian cricketer.

By the year 2000, he became the Vice-Chief of the Indian Army. In the Cricket World Cup in New Zealand, he was India’s leading wicket-taker. He won Player of the Match twice.

In 2002, she became the president of the Indian women’s team. Under his leadership, the group has received many accolades. The visiting England team were sent off in style with a clean sheet, despite having 7 starters in the squad. India won the Test series against South Africa in 2002. She led the team to the World Cup in 2005. He served his country in international cricket for another four years. Chopra hung up her shoes in 2009.

Facts About Anjum Chopra

  • The first woman from Indian Cricket entered in hundreds of hundreds.
  • Anjum told India and World 4 cups. Only England’s Charlotte Edwards and Australia’s Karon Rolton are the only two other players to have played for their country in multiple World Cups.
  • He also caused a lot of trouble when South African cricket dropped him. Presidents ahead of the World Cup in India and warning service.
  • Named the “Good will Ambassador” in South Africa, Anjum was praised for speaking out about “breast cancer” for women. She is also the author of the inspiring book “Women’s Cricket World – A Journey from 1745-2013”.
  • He also starred in a docudrama called Helpless Cousins ​​of Million Dollar Babies.

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