Rani Rampal – Indian women Hockey Team Captain Carrer And Acheivements


Rani Rampal(Indian women Hockey Team Captain)

Rani Rampal is an Indian hockey player. She was the youngest player to play in the 2010 World Cup in Canada at the age of 15, where he scored 7 top goals. In 2016, She received the Arjuna Award from the Government of India. On January 26, 2020, Rani Rampal was honored with the Padma Shri. Rampal was born on December 4, 1994 in Shahbad, Haryana, India. She was born in a poor family. Her father’s name is Rampal, a horse rider and his mother is a housewife. The girl is the youngest among the siblings. The queen has two younger brothers. One brother works as a shop assistant. She has a big brother. After her performance, the Queen hired a train operator and took care of the family as well as the family.

The beginning of Rani Rampal

Rani Rampal was born in a poor family in Shahbad, Kurukshetra district of Haryana on December 4, 1994. Her family did not have much money, and her father used to work for her family to earn a living, and she was the only two siblings. older than him. of his parents in the family ₹100. He is the youngest of his siblings. One of his brothers is a shop assistant and his older brother. As the Queen’s father’s economic situation worsened, the Queen would not go to school. When he was only 6 years old, he saw other children playing hockey. Then, the queen also likes to play hockey. He expressed his desire to play hockey with his father, but his father did not agree. Back then, playing hockey at Hough was big business.

After the queen’s death, her father brought the queen to the position of queen at the Shahbad Hockey Academy. When interviewed, the queen said: “My family does not have money for trainers. I have thought many times about quitting hockey. In this difficult situation, my coach Baldev Singh and senior players supported me. These people helped me. “

The Rani thought they were playing hockey at that time when people considered the game as a ruler and women were told to stay away from the game. We should be inspired by the life of Rani Rampal


Hockey career Of Rani Rampal

In 2009, Rani Rampal participated in the Champion’s Challenge held in Kazan, Russia. In the tournament, the Indian won four goals and won the record as “Top Goalscorer” and “Young Player of the Tournament”.

Then, Rani appeared in many famous competitions like “Asia Cup 2009”, “Commonwealth Games 2010”, “2010 Asian Games” and many others. In 2010, Rani Rampal became a member of the national hockey team for the “2010 Women’s Hockey World Cup”. The tournament was held in Rosario, Argentina. Rani scored a total of 7 goals and helped India secure the 9th position in the Women’s Hockey World Ranking. He also received the accolade as “Best Youth Player of the Tournament”.


In the 2013 Junior World Cup, Rani Rampal became the ‘player of the tournament’ and India won the bronze medal. The following year, She also participated in the Asian Games and won a bronze medal. In 2017, Rani Rampal participated in the Asian Women’s Cup and did well there. Rani Rampal also led the Indian national team as a captain in the 2018 Asian Games. Under his leadership, the Indian team managed to win the silver medal. Along with a successful hockey career, She also worked in the Indian Railways where he was paid 12 thousand per month.

The youngest player to play in a World Cup

In 2010, at the age of 15, Rani became the youngest player to represent the country in the World Cup of Hockey. Three years later, in the Junior World Cup, She scored one stoppage time goal, one penalty and one sudden death goal – against England in Mönchengladbach, Germany, as India won its first bronze medal at the event.

Inspirational journey of Indian hockey player Rani Rampal

In 2009, Rani participated in the Champion’s Challenge in Russia. He was the top scorer, and the winner of the tournament’s award. h contributed to the team’s victory and scored four goals. The silver medal in the 2009 Asia Cup was another step for him to enjoy. Rani won the best player award in the World Cup 2010. She was only 15 years old at that time and became the youngest player of the country in the World Cup. He went on to score seven goals in the tournament. Even in the 2013 Junior World Cup, Rani was announced as the winner of the tournament. In 2017, the team again won the Asia Cup held in Kakamigahara, Japan.

2018 was a special year for Rani as the team won silver in the Asian Games. Rani Rampal is undoubtedly the best female hockey player in the country and one of the best in the world. From the beginning of his national career, he always did well and brought laurels to the country. He plays as a batsman and is known for his electric pace and stellar stick work.

Many positive changes are observed in the group. Rani and her daughters went to train in Bengaluru at the Sports Authority of India Academy under the guidance of Glenn Turner. His advice has helped the team immensely. Hockey India and the Indian sporting authority provide many opportunities for players to get exposure.

Special attention is also paid to their diet and training. After Harendra Singh as head coach from September 2017 to May 2018, the Dutchman Sjoerd Marijne took over the job in May 2018. Her good advice led them to win the silver medal at the 2018 Asian Games, as well as the quarterfinals. and FIH World Cup London 2018.

Achievements of Rani Rampal

Rani Rampal was named “Young Player of the Tournament” in 2009 after scoring the highest score in the FIH Women’s Champions Challenge II, and also won silver in the 2009 Asia Cup as a member of the Indian team. Rani was named “Young Player of the Tournament” at the 2010 World Cup and 2013 Junior World Cup, and later helped the team win a bronze medal at the 2014 Asian Games. Under his leadership, the team won the silver medal in Asia in 2018 and qualified for the quarterfinals of the World Cup. She was the flag bearer for the Indian Army at the closing ceremony of the Asian Games in Jakarta in 2018. That same year, the team finished fourth in the Commonwealth Games. In 2016, She received the Arjuna Prize. Also, in 2020, She was awarded the Padma Shri by the Government of India.

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